Thursday, December 15, 2011

School Drop Outs’ Angle

If you don’t do good in college, you won’t do any better in life also. This line just hit me as my next blog was almost ready in my head. I am a huge fan of Madhur Bhandarker’s movie. All his movie are worth watching again and again and again and again.... as one of his character in the Page 3, said, “its not important that you tell a story, how you tell it is more important”, and I think he is good at telling the story.

Madhur Bhandarker’s way of portraying women in his movie is, slowing getting me into thinking; but very slowly. Not because he is fast but because I am slow to get it. His first movie Page 3, gave him rave reviews from critics in India for which he even won a national award. This award has got the reputation of being as worthy as Oscar in India. This movie tells a story of a page 3 society from a gossip journalist’s point of view.

But it was his other movie, Fashion, which gave lead character, Priyanka Chopera, her first national award also, for her role in the movie. for me the real story is how men treats woman as mere toy and how woman get carried away with it, not even realizing that it all has his interest in it, to play with you as easily available for his ride. but it is to understand in time can he do it if we [women] let him keep ding this and be a toy of his hand ?

Really ? who holds that power and how long ?

At the end of the movie, how the character played by Priyanka pulls and gather herself, coming out strong and standing tall is so empowering especially when with all the hardship she had been in the short but ambitious of her life as a path to super model. Its a really inspiring to all woman's. Personally, for me its total wastage of time to blaming them and ruining our life; instead we should learn and move on in our life. Not melt down in pressure and this is the best answer to men.

Not a secret now, Fashion is another movie, I keep watching repeatedly, and the details Madhur had paid, while making this movie makes it easy for me to watch it without even getting bored.

Needless to tell you, its clear that I am a huge fan of Madhur Bhandarker’s art of story telling and he seemed to have mastered in the women in lead role of his movie. Did I said, Madhur’s angel ? I became even more of his fan when he admitted in a recent interaction with his grates hater on the small screen that, “ I myself is 6th grade fail person and never ever seen the face of college in my entire life. All I have acquired in my life is self teaching and reading many books. People have come to me and personally praised for my work on ‘Corporate’, I was making a movie which was a way above my reach, college education and career in corporate world.

Oh ! yes you should see the movie ‘Corporate’ again how a beautiful and again ambitious woman, who is well educated and climbed her corporate ladder, ends up in the jail and how she got toyed out by the male dominated world of corporate.

At this moment, I remember one question which I had asked with a wife of my childhood friend in recent encounter, because the guy now has a body of a casino bouncer. She is of small stature and he looks bullying in every angel. “Is he dominating ?” I asked her, and then she replied matter of fact way, “…...yes, of course, but with my permission.” the man wore a grin on his face after hearing it.

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