Friday, January 27, 2012

Its just the dress up not the invitation

It could have been the mid 90s when Shekhar Suman used to run very popular program then called, Movers and Shakers. Mallaika Arrora was then the TV host of MTV and her dress up was the talk of the town along with her programme. A sex bomb, who aroused the curiosity of millions of conservative Indians, with the way she appeared on Television screen.

When she appeared on the talk show she was wearing very sexy outfit, the talk show host camera crew had captured a crew member who fell from his chair after seeing her that kind of sexy attire. Shekhar had shown the clip to Mallaika Arrora, while they were chatting. It was then I have become the fan of her the way she pulled it with so much elegance and dignity. she was very dignified in her talk as well as the question related to her dress.

After more than a decade later she is not taken just as a sex bomb of Bollywood but more than that even though she also has done some very popular item dance, like munnie badnam hui... is her latest one. To add to her crown jewel she is married to one of the most famous name of the Bollywood writer’s son, Arbaj Khan. Even after giving birth to her son, she is still sexy like before and Bollywood’s number one yummy mummy.

Its been ages that the dress has been directly linked with the character of a woman. Recently, there was a road show in some western country regarding the dress code and the perception it gave to some people [specially male]. one card even read, its just the dress not the invitation.

Just like Mallaika Arrora [Khan] Bipasa Basu is another name who pulled her skimpy dress up style with so much elegance and dignity. These two smart women went through the open mouth, dropped jaw and the drooling stare, from guys most of the time and proved all those wrong, who thought skimpy dress has direct co-relation with slippery characters.

I must give my stand up ovation, to these two bold ladies; for what they did and doing for on behalf of all the woman, around the world, to empower us in every way and to feel good inside and outside. With one more truth, if you got it, flaunt it, and do it with so much confidence.

Hey, its just the dress up not the invitation.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sex as a revenge

Definition of bear Market, just amused me, as I like to follow stock market news and very interested in it also. When the stock market falls, wife gets no jewellery and expensive gifts, children gets no allowance and husband gets no sex. I cant help to think how many of the stock market players, here in Nepal are handling no sex at night due to fall flat of index in the stock market. Market has been taking longer than the expected time to recover.

Wise married man knows, well when they don’t get sex, it has hidden meaning to it. Wife use the power to manipulate their husband to get this or that. Many knows that, sex just like money is a power.

But some men go further down to use sex to insult, abuse and also as a tool to revenge in form of rape and then murder. Like this following case, which happened in suburban city of India.

Sunita and Abhijit, were class mates, studying law. Abhijit was attracted to Sunita but she was not impressed with him at all. She thought he is behaving like that, just because his is the son of an IAS officer. He used to express his feelings with Sunita boldly and bluntly like, “I love you and cant live without you”, to Sunita, it made no sense with no feelings, just words. So more he wanted to be close with her more she got irritated and wanted to get rid from him. However, this worked the opposite wtih Abhijit and only fueled his male macho ego and it turned into obsession to get Sunita in his life, as a wife, regardless of what exactly Sunita felt about him.

She being a law student and wanting to be a lawyer, plainly refused to change college to get rid from Abhijit’s obsessed behaviour and wanted to face him. When Abhijit got too obsessed, she went to police to complaint about him. In the beginning they were not convinced, she needed police help as the guy had not touched her and physically abused her yet but at the end, they provided her one constable for her safes keep, to escort her up and down to the college and then during the class time also, the constable used to stay withing the college premises.

Abhijit, went one more step further, to harass her, now he started staring her; from the distance or the corner of the door of her classroom and in the cafeteria and also started following her at the bus stop, when she was returning from or coming to college. He even used to follow her in her apartment area, which was in a good distance away from where he himself lived.

In the midst of all this, one day Abhijit entered in Sunita’s apartment to say sorry, for all whatever he had done to her. Sunita did sensed that he was a pure psycho but at that time, there was no body in her apartment to help her, except her old servant. Soon the situation got worse and he ended up overpowering her and then raped her for refusing him all the time and then he killed her banging his helmet on her head for 15 times. The repeated bang on her head made a crack on his helmet which ultimately, became the proof of his deadly act.

When the court case was going on, he was protected by his high profile father, second in line, in Delhi Police force. More than than the guy himself have become a lawyer by then, when he was facing the charge against the murder of Sunita. But, after almost seven years later, he lost the case and was hanged to death, for rape and murder of Sunita.

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Hey this name of Sunita of the lead in this story, is just the coincidence.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Rich does not tickle your funny bones

I do watch any comedies shows or movies or any program on TV. Now a days, I have been watching comedy circus, for quite a some time and I watch almost all the good quality comedy programmes on TV. To name a few are America’s Funniest Videos, Just for laughter Gag [Canada], Comedy Circus[Indian]. When Mr. Bean [UK] was on air, I was his huge fan and just like me, he made the whole world laugh with him, with his rubber face. Then, he was my all time favourite comedy star, its only that I did not find some of his movies that funny at all.

When I see all these comedy, I see one thing distinctively connected in all the comedies and the comedians also. The connection is, that the poor people make the whole world laugh with them, not the rich with some selected group only. We laugh at the kind of problem they face, as they say it in such a way, instead of feeling sorry for the problem they are facing but we laugh at it. Rich people or story based on rich back ground only makes us think hard, what the money is really for, but not laugh at it. Rich peoples story gets blurred in spending huge money in useless material things, and owning every things makes them feel good, but the other half of the worlds does not find it funny at all.

Charlie Chaplin came from a very poor family back ground and he also had very troubled childhood due to his parents separation. his mother could not talk the divorce and then she was mentally disturbed when charlie was very young. Yet he is the king of laughter. I have a problem though while watching his soundless movies I just don't get it at all, and watch the screen with confused look, with out even understanding. Its so that, I used to find myself laughing days after watching what I had seen, as the scene would not go away easily from my mind. I know, I am stupidly funny.

Raju Srivastave one of the winner of The Great Indian Laughter show, is also regarded as an accidental reality show star. He came almost from nowhere, and suddenly he was everywhere after winning in the first episodes of the show. Like many of this shows contestant, he too came from very poor family back ground and is from the poorest part of India also. He can make you laugh with is facial expression of the light blinking on in any village wedding party, which I bet he must have attended once.

Mr. Bean [ Rowan S. Atkinson ] comedy of him also was not a rich mans’ story. Mr. Bean used to live in very small apartment and used to struggle to provide food on the table who dropped at this door even at the Christmas time and do you remember how he sent those children, empty handed who came at his door, singing carol. the fact is that he could not give them anything it in fact should have been heart wrenching condition like this but he made us laugh on the odd most situation like this also. Its done in more funny and rib tickling manner. I am not really surprised though that looking at his family background and the time length he spent on making people laugh like crazy is so limited compared to other two in the list for the one I missed them to mention here.

Poor people have the courage to mock at their poverty. Okay, not all the poor have such courage to mock the poverty but the few who did this by telling us his story honestly, have risen from rags to riches.

Honestly, give me one name who made you laugh last time, until you cry and it was a rich mans story.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Not knowing is a boon rather than knowing its impossible

You must have heard of TiVo and its maker’s story [ I watched it on TV interview]. Imagine, what would have been the response of their family and friends circle, when they shared this idea with them. They sure must have thought that these two are nuts, who was talking about making a device, that would pause a live show on TV; so that you can go for a loo or make a quick trip to the kitchen for some food, while you can enjoy watching TV.

Thomas Alba Edison, who has a record number of invention, was also not known for being smart enough to know, that it could be impossible to invent or give it a try. He had invented more than a 1000 products in his life and a bulb made him more famous than his other inventions. Edison was awarded distinct patents for 1,368 separately during his lifetime. He passed away at age 84 on October 18, 1931 - exactly on the anniversary date of his invention of the incandescent bulb.

I do remember having read a story, long time back, when I was still in school. This was about a man, who had gone to show his hands to one of those fortune-teller. Who predicted that in near future he is going to end up in a prison.

The man was very much normal person, who used to work to support his family as well as to meet his own daily needs. For that reason he was totally shaken, internally because of that very unexpected prediction by this man. Besides he was also not the kind of person who would get tangled in any kind of unwanted acts, in his life but more than than he would not wanted to get involved in the kind of work, which will ultimately land him in jail.

Therefore, he became more conscious on the way to and from his office way, avoiding unseen accident, which is yet to happen. He also started avoiding going anywhere, from office and after office also, he would not go to anywhere, returning straight back to home always fearing the unexpected.

As day passed by, the fear got bigger and bigger; and it griped him badly, so for the last couple of months as specified by the fortune-teller, he hardly went any where, and stopped going to office also, to avid any kind of unnecessary hassles to end up in jail.

Some time later, he again went to visit, the same fortune teller to tell him he did not land up in prison cell. The sage asked him, to tell him all the story during that period. This man told every thing to him saying full story, about how he avoided his trip to the jail.

After hearing all this, the fortune-teller told him, the time which you have spend within the boundary of your own house, was the prison time for you, which you could not escape. You may have escaped going to prison made my others, but you could not run away from the prison, that existed in your mind.

I can see in my imagination, this man’s mouth wide open, staring at that fortune-teller searching for better words to tell him.

Every Hindu must have heard this story of Mahadev; how he had converted himself into a cow dung insect, to escape a seven and a half years of dasha [ bad time in one’s life]. When the person told him that was his ‘dasha’ period. This small conversation is so interesting to me as he being the Mahadev, must have found himself searching for better words to face him [ the man who would bring him that dasha]. Every time this story reels in my mind, I can’t help but wonder how it could have ended, if, its a big if, he did not know the art of converting himself, from a man into an insect, that to which wriggled in cow dungs for seven and a half years. I bet my all money, nobody would have imagined punishing him [ he is the lord of Hindu religion] that badly the way he did to himself.

So, do I have to come to an end with a conclusion; in life not knowing is a boon, but facing it boldly and with so much dignity, might lead us towards the place, where we have never ever dreamt as a child, not even in our wildest dream.