Friday, November 23, 2012

Criminals are created

It may be that I am too concern about the things that is happening around me. It does not have to be always in my vicinity, just in bigger society and trying to understand everything that goes in this world. For that very reason I have been watching Crime Patrol for more than a year and now I am addicted of this program. this is one good program which teach us without being too preachy. When I am trying to understand, what is sin ? and who decides or tell us what makes an act a sinful act ? I thought killing people is one of the biggest sin, but when I came to learn the real reason behind the actual murder; its not so easy to judge this act, which terminates the live of a human being; is also not one of the biggest sin. Of course it always has two sides of a story to tell but not always.

In this reality TV program, some hindu priest claims that being lower caste is non religious [adharma], going to temple by ‘untouchables’ is equal to sin. Really ? What kind of religious belief is that but here I am not going to talk about the what is sin or something that, makes some at a religious or not.  what force a person to commit crime ? are they born bad, raise in bad environment ? were illiterate ? who commit crime ? what is the reason behind the crime that keep happening in our society that is also around the worlds.
You are too young to fall in love : Priya Rajput was normal teenagers like any other girl and was still studying in school. Just one slight difference, she was in love; head over heels with a boy who lived in same village. The old generations of that village were against this kind of ‘behaviour’ in their village and that small natural act of hers, was regarded as bad act and childish behaviour. She was beaten, slapped and then, when still she refused to obey her parents; she was sent to stay in one of her uncles home, hoping, out of sight and out of mind case will apply in her life.  The teenage girl who fell in love with a boy in her village was barred to stay connected  with him and kept in one of her uncles home, killed her aunt when no one was in the house and then went to meet her boyfriend. later police arrested her and sent her to juvenile home, as she was just sixteen when she committed the murder.

If only, the family members would have understood the falling in love is natural than losing a family member well ahead of her time. This could have been avoided. If a society treats a normal behaviour as an abnormal act then this things are bound to happen in due course of time.

You are my wife But : It was Amina’s idea and her close friend, who killed the wife of her husband for denying her status, position and child, she thought, she too should have as a wife. She was not aware of the man’s first marriage, when she was married to a man to whom she called Khan Sab. He kept both of wives in dark about his second marriage and from first wife he had  two children too. The wives first met each other when he was hospitalised one day and Amina’s friend saw him there. The man thought, he was keeping both of his wives happy but the reality was so chilling and when he came to know about it he just could not believe. This man treated his wives as if they have no say in their life and he also could not leave one of them but the 2nd wife who wanted all the things that a married woman desires was denied of.

If only he could have treated them with so much respect, he would not have lived to see one of his wife dead and another going to jail.

You are poor and young : Puja a seventeen year old slum dweller, in a mumbai who used to work in a ladies trailer was only breadwinner in her family, when her father left for delhi with his son. At that tender age, she had to take care of her sick and ailing mother and she also had a sister who was studying in ninth grade dreaming to become a doctor. with her meagre it was not easy for her to support  three member of the family so she needed to make Rasan Card, that card would have allowed her to get the groceries at subsidised rate in her area’s grocery store. She needed to make one, but there was problem to get that card fixed, with her old rasan card, which included her fathers name too. In her quest to fix the rasan card, she landed in the office of a local political party leaders office, who could have helped her to make that card.

But the situation turn out bit ugly way. He started abusing her for his lust and she just meekly submitted herself in a hope that, one day this middle aged man will help her to get the new rasan card. Six months pass by but this Mangesh Kadam, a rising political leader was not making her any rasan card and she needed one desperately. Every time he called, she went to see him, and she just did whatever, he wanted her to do. But, one day when Mangesh Kadam wanted Puja to being her fourteen year old sister for his lust. It just pulled the wire off from her brain, and proved to be the last nail on the coffin. She just could not focus on her work.

Needless to tell, she shared the whole incident to her brother like employers. This segment of class think that, even if they go to police to complain about such case;  police won't help them. So they themself made a plan and one day when Mangesh Kadam wanted to  see the girl, Puja took her to see him, but along with her, she went to see him, with her brothers like two employer too.

The two men went to see the political leader with the alcohol, just before Puja entered in his office on that Sunday. When he shamelessly took Gita in his room and told Puja to stay out of his office; she opened the outside door and then let the two men enter the office again and then they killed Mangesh by slitting his throat.

A powerful leader was killed by the poorest and the exploited group of the society. He was killed for his lust and abuse of power. He had the chance to avoid his death.

All the above cases tells us, very clearly that criminals are created by our society and in many cased from the family members and their stern believe in certain issued they do not or can not bend over. They are not born bad, or raised bad but They are treated so poorly, which in due course of time exploded to the kind of situation, nobody would like to to take  its responsibility. If only we try to understand it, long  before it happens then our society will better place to live.