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Financial Insecurities & Its ultimate consequences

More than twenty years ago, I had to face a close acquaintance who acted in a manner my inexperienced brain was not trained to understand its complexity. Why she behaved, the way she behaved and poor me; I was the target of her worst fear. When it became too hard for me to get a clue about her behavior, I shared it with Bernhard, the only wise man, I ever knew in my life. Then he said, its because she is facing some financial problem.  Although, I did not know her real financial issue in her life, as compared to me she was a lot better financially off and rich and acted rich. But that understanding helped me to keep close eyes on those, who seem to have money yet fear of losing it or overreact when there is sudden shortfall of it. Those people behave very strangely, when fear of uncertain future comes close by. If you have not noticed them closely then you should pay close attention to them, its almost as worse as watching those who are drug addict. Yes, there will be slight different in behavior issue than those of drug addicts.

Now, I am full grown and my keen interest in analyzing human behavior, which has only grown over the years had lead me to watch crime shows, mostly Indians. But, to understand it, I have to watch English shows too, if not similar shows then CNN to find the proper words to describe the situation; as they are pretty good when it comes to articulation. Here are some of the real life incidents of financial insecurities  and its ultimate consequences.

About a year ago, I read in news paper, that an army officer, who was on training in China had come to Nepal, just to kill his divorced wife. He had killed her first at her home and then burned her dead body on a road side of a highway. Geeta Khanal, was mother 10 year old boy was divorced from her husband couple of years ago. Locals of that area got suspicious, when he returned next day to check the remains and then they handed him to police.

After reading this news, one question really nagged me, when they were already divorced, then what could have gone worse between the estranged couple, that he had to take the harsh step to kill her ?  Later more news came in this case and in different newspapers. She had been successful in obtaining the huge chunk of property from her husband, after the divorce, which she had won in court cases.  But, as if obtaining most of the fixed properties was not enough for her, she also had filed for 50% of his current salary, which court had ruled in her favor too.

More news came about him too, that the man was dating with another woman. No one had to elaborate this that after losing everything to his divorced wife including half of his salary too, he had almost nothing left to start resettlement with new wife. It was kind of almost impossible for him to settle down again, due to his financial condition.

I found myself asking how much she should have enjoyed winning [him], in court cases. She won all the claims she made. They say, here in Nepal, court make sympathetic decision towards single women, than the real justice to those who involved in the case. She did win all the court cases but all that made her lose her life.

Here, I am not trying to justify what this man did is good, I am only trying to understand the situation, why the man found himself in a situation after divorce to kill his estranged wife ?

In another crime case, that happened in India. A policeman who had been sub-inspector almost half of his life and had sorted out many criminal cases in his thirty-two years of careers, had planned and executed the murder of his own daughter.

He was portrayed as a cruel, ruthless, abusing and full of doubt for his wife of more than forty four years, who had left him about two years before his retirement. When she was about to leave, he came to know that she had saved and bought one house in her elder daughter’s name and then the house they were living had transferred in the name of her youngest daughter.  And this mother of two daughter felt kind of deep sense of pride in this act of hers, for securing her daughters future from their own father.

This left nothing to this man after his retirement. To a man whose lifetime required him to read all the people for criminal purpose in life, was unable to guess what was going under  his nose. So, it should not surprise anyone, when he learned about all this, it shook his self knowledge of believing that, I can read people and sniff the upcoming trouble.  At the end of his life and career he had nothing, not his wife and not even home where he can stay or say its my home. He did not like sharing the house with her own daughter.

Fear of uncertain future, dominated his thought and manifestation of his behavior stunned the society. He must have thought, his house is what was his life time earning; and his own wife and daughters were treating him like strangers and it was not acceptable to him. So, he planned a murder of his own daughter.

It was a very complicated criminal case that challenged intelligence of investigating police officers to crack. It is because, that was the intention of this policeman. However, I won't tell you the details of crime because, I study complex human behaviors, when they are thrown in difficult conditions like this and read how they behave, like in the two above cases. As a writer who has keen interest in analyzing human behaviors, it's not my work to tell you, how the crime unfolded, because that is exactly not the intention of this post. Besides, you can always switch on to Sony channels, which telecast this shows for that kind of story.

Had he not knocked the door of police department repeatedly, the police officers who were once his colleague, could not have cracked the case. Therefore, one more thing also make me think hard, in this case. If it was his fear for uncertain future, which forced him to kill his own youngest daughter, the one who had got the house which should have been in his name, then had he become too arrogant in his own perfect plan, to keep knocking the door of police to find the murderer of his own daughter ? At the same time, it also made me wonder had should the mother feel still proud of her work to secure the future [with financial securities], due to which one of her daughter has to lose her life ?

Another case which again happened in India : a girls in her early twenties was killed and then her body was thrown in an open pit on the quiet area of a locality. After  investigation, it was learned she was killed by a man in his late twenties, son of a man with whom this young woman was dating. The fact was that she was dating with a man who was almost thirty years older than her. This old man had a sick wife, he sure did took care of his wife as a duty. Needless to mention, this older man’s wife was on bed for many years by now and was not showing any chances of recovery.

Police officers normally had to find out the motif of kill, what is the reason behind the kill ? when police asked the young man in his late twenties those questions, he had countered questioned police officers, “what would have my mother think about all this ‘filthy relationship’ and  this kind of ‘sin’ going on behind her back ?” If you watch The mentalist like me, that answer seems a pure lie.

Again the question nagged me : why this girl was a threat to the young man, that he had to kill her ? More deeper analysis would give us answer that justifies the kill. His mother was dying and after her death, his father would have re-married to this young woman. He would have lost everything, I mean his father’s property to this young woman, which he would have got after the death of his father. So, to secure his ancestors property, this young man must have thought had to kill the love of his father. Oh, yes his young sister was also involved in this case.

Does the secure future has all the answer that rest in family properties ? Is this what they call financial security ? And people will do anything, I mean anything even to kill near and dear ones ? Could there be any other reasons behind  above crimes ?

Although, my zodiac sign is balance scale, however; its not my job to judge people based on their criminal activities. I only study how they manifest their behaviors. And just because I watch many crime shows, it does not make me police to question, why they killed someone like this or that, there are police department to do this kind of work. And last but not the least, I am not a religious leader to say this is a sin, because for that kind of work there are plenty of judgmental people to give their opinion for this kind of act.

As a writer and a person who has keen interest in analyzing human behavior, I self study it and its my work to understand why they did what they.  

Fear, fear of uncertain future; do have tremendous power to change the whole incident to a different level. Its ultimate result do shake our conscience as a human being. Is this the real face of most intelligent creature on earth or this is just an excuse to do something horrible acts that happen in the above three cases ? Is financial security is everything ? It seems to me to some it is.

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